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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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managing responsibility to the property owner next door. >> reporter: they are told the tree is their responsibility, all about budget cuts and the need to maintain 40,000 city owned trees in medians, and public buildings and parks that can't be handed off. >> if you don't maintain the trees, the limbs fall off, and trees are a public safety hazards and damage the property. >> reporter: now many of the 23,000 people who get this new responsibility won't be happy with it. the fact is they're joining 65 other san francisco homeowners who had to maintain their trees for years. but what if the tree to be handed over is not healthy or structurally sound? >> they will not do this until the city addresses the concerns. >> they put themselves between a rock and tree. >> reporter: nonetheless, the tree group, friends of the urban forest, think that all trees which benefit all citizens should be carefully
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maintained by the city. >> we disagree with the fact that homeowners should take care of trees. and in fact they agree with us also. >> reporter: and another worry, individual homeowners may not do to required maintenance or afford somebody who can. and then be fined as well. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 action news. and an alameda woman behind bars for allegedly helping a teen buy alcohol, one who later died in a drunk driving crash. authorities say that chen went to the store with the 17-year- old last february, with the intent of helping her buy liquor. several hours later, the girl got in a car after a party and was called in the accident. the teen pled no contest to felony drunk driving. and releasing a report on the outcome of governor brown's budget fixes. one expert said that the estimates of tax revenue may be
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off by 3.2 billion. taylor says he will have a better idea by the end of this month. >> there is in our view more downside risks to the administration's numbers. but they could be right. we are going to know a lot more -- after about two weeks, because we'll have all of the information on the estimated payments that people make on their personal income taxes. >> the legislative analyst's office says that they may have to consider increases or more borrowing. and the governor used a different estimate, a spokesperson said, of income and capital gain taxes, estimates that one finance director says that are just right. and much of the testimony inside a courtroom today focused on mannequins, lingerie and disturbing photos. ktvu was there as the accused killer, joseph naso, defended
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himself in a preliminary hearing. >> reporter: he is defending himself, and a lot of the objections were overruled by the presiding judge. our camera was not allowed here, and our representatives were. the testimony was connecting joseph naso to four women killed in northern california. the detective, richard brown, was the lead investigator in the joseph naso murder investigation. today he testified about a rape journal he said was located inside joseph naso's reno home back in 2010. he testified in reading entries, it starts off with women's names and locations and dates. then a list by decade of violent sexual assaults. the deputy district attorney hannah questioned brown about the common issues of the journal and the graphic photos of the nude, and partly nude women inside the home. brown said the journal talked about legs, women wearing high
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heels and violence. for instance, it said, buffalo hills, in the car, she was real pretty. had to knock her out first. there was evidence regarding joseph naso and the murder victim, tafoya, one of the women that was killed. there was evidence in the home, august six, '94. he said he interpreted it as yuba county girl, saturday, august 6, the same day that tracy tafoya was seen alive. in another instance, brown says, with the words, met tracy, put it to her. detective brown also testified to locating nude photos of the victim, pam parsons inside his home. the preliminary hearing will be set to last through next week. and we have more on the
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list of 10 that prosecutors found in joseph naso's home. prosecutors believe that girl number two was carmen colon, who was found in 1978. they say three on the list, was roxene roggasch, she was found in marin county in 1977. prosecutors say two more references on the list matched the two women killed in yuba city in the '90s. investigators are also looking into whether or not any crimes are linked to other locations on the list, including mendocino, mt. tam, berkeley, and what appears to be an address on leavenworth. and a man arraigned on attempted rape and murder. fred dozier is responsible for at least three brutal attacks last year in the mission district. police say they have dna evidence linking him to the
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attacks, and that dozier has admitted to the crimes, he faces life in prison if convicted. and an incident outside a bar today, happening before 2:00 in san jose in the parking lot of the creek side bar and grill on west alma avenue. two people were stabbed, one shot. police say the victims all went to hospitals and that they are expected to survive. no word of any arrests or suspects. and two oakland police officers facing disciplinary action after one of the officers was videotaped apparently trying to hide his identity at an occupy oakland protest. in the video, which was shot on november 2, a protester asked the officer john hargraves why the name on his uniform was hidden by the tape. after a discussion by the sergeant he removed the tape. the officer was reportedly concerned that personal information would be released on line. coming up next, rita williams uncovered the unusual form of
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punishment being requested for the officers. and a charge of domestic violence could be charged against the new sheriff, ross mirkarimi. >> this is a case where obviously we do not have a cooperative victim which is not unusual in a domestic violence case. in fact it is very common. >> today, district attorney george gascon says his office is still looking into the new year's eve incident. a neighbor of the mirkarimis claims he grabbed his wife's arm hard enough to leave a bruise. mirkarimi says that no abuse occurred. his attorney says he is preparing his client for a misdemeanor charge. and san francisco police treating an assault and robbery that happened earlier this morning near san francisco state as a hate crime, happening just after 2:00 this morning near tapia drive. three men beat a man while calling him terrible names. they also took his phone. the suspects are described as three men, one black, one latino, one white, average height and build, who left the
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scene in a four-door cream colored olds, possibly a late '70s model. and a reward is being offered in hopes of catching a serial arsonist in the north bay. the nevada fire department and police are investigating more than 50 fires all set since saturday. today, officials offered a 15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible. and workers at the american licorice plant in union city now say they settled their month-long strike, a representative of the baker's union says the workers will receive an increase of 30 cents an hour in the first year, and 35 in the second and third years. they will pay the employees' full health care deductible in the first year, half in the second, none in the third year. and the state senate committee looking at a bill that requires a prescription for some over-the-counter cold medicines. supporters of the bill claim a majority of the cold remedies
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claiming the ingredient goes to the manufacture of meth. it increases health care costs, some opponents say. there is a problem with the consumers, but there is a concern by law enforcement and we feel there is a better way to do it. >> the bill's author says there were more than 130 cold medicines over the counter that don't contain the the ingredient. and members of absentee international and code pink looking at the end of the military prison in cuba. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton says that no decision has been made about releasing taliban prisoners from cuba, in exchange for talks with afghanistan insurgents. and a high school student in washington, d.c. for a rare honor. 18-year-old yang was chosen to travel with a group of asian and pacific islander high school and college students.
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and tomorrow, they will brief white house officials about issues important to them. yang recently won a young leader award from the san francisco foundation. and supporters hoping to get the go-ahead tonight in their claim on a charter school. the unified school district denied the proposal, saying that financial conditions were not met. supporters took their case to the board of education, which is expected to vote at a meeting just getting under way. county staff recommends that the board conditionally approve the charter. and hollywood taking over the rock. a big premier at alcatraz taking place. and at school, they're considering deploying drug dogs on campus, but there are some drugs they wouldn't be able to sniff out. and a cold one again, temperatures in the 20s in some inland bay valleys. and we'll look at the five-day forecast for a chance of rain
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who says we want them to? . mitt romney's campaign revealing the latest fundraiser totals one day after he won the republican presidential candidate primary. he raised 21 million in the last three months in 2011, for a total of 56 million for the year, mitt romney has 19 million left to spend, a huge financial advantage over his rivals. >> anybody watch tv last night at all? >> after a second place showing in new hampshire, texas congressman ron paul and others stomached stumped in south carolina today. paul says they plan to spend about a million in the state. paul suggested he may be able to keep his campaign going all the way to the republican convention. and president obama
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offering a new made in america policy today of the high profile summit of business leaders. he wants to reward companies who bring jobs back to the united states from overseas with tax breaks. companies that don't could lose tax breaks. observers say the president is trying to counter critics who say the white house is not business friendly. and on our website at you will find the very latest ballot count and more news from the campaign trail. and drug dogs could soon be searching backpacks, lockers and cars on campuses. ktvu's john sazaki has more. >> reporter: this is the valley high school where the sign says no dogs on campus. but very soon, police dogs may be called upon to sniff out illegal drugs. as school ended today, students
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were happy to be free. but mixed in with the celebration mood at the high school are some feelings of concern about the possible visitors. >> it seems like it is invading personal space. >> reporter: the pleasanton school district is looking at whether or not to bring in drug sniffing dogs. the principal says that suspensions are up. >> my feeling is that if there are just ten kids doing drugs, i want to keep it off campus. >> reporter: this is cama, a k- 9, with a nose for illegal drugs. >> we train four hours a week, for maintenance training, half of that training is for drugs. >> reporter: it could help because the kids wouldn't know when they're coming. >> we intend to search common areas, parking lots, locker rooms, things like that. >> reporter: even if they expressed concern, the students and parents we met support the idea. >> a lot of people do drugs. and i think it is like -- i mean that is their own personal decision. but i think that they shouldn't
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do it at school. because it takes away, from like learning. >> i am fine with it. i have a doctor here, i have no problems. >> it will probably help the people that are doing it, making them think more about it. >> and the school board will vote on the issues in the next two months, they will sniff out cocaine, marijuana and heroin, but not prescription drugs. and a bill heard today by a state committee would stop tobacco stores sales in new stores opened by a school. the sales take place a thousand feet from the school. the proposed measure would stop at schools closer than 600 feet, and stiffer penalties for stores already in existence, caught selling tobacco to minors. and actors brad pitt and
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angelina jolie spotted at the house, in town to screen jolie's new movie about war crimes in bosnia. and the president wanted to talk to her about her humanitarian work as a good will ambassador for the united nations. and buckingham palace, receiving gifts, among them, an ipad from governor brown and a set of coasters from the sheriff of santa barbara county. the canadian gifts included hockey jerseys, and peacock feathers. and a warm day today with temperatures easily in the upper 60s, almost 70 in santa rosa, 62 in vallejo. cold this morning, temperatures in the north bay valley in the upper 20s, low 30s, cold again tomorrow morning. mild again tomorrow afternoon. it is a continuous pattern and continues to repeat itself with the spare the air night tonight. and then again tomorrow night.
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indicating the high pressure that is owning the west coast at this time. there are indications as we go out on the long range computer models that things are changing, some coming in the line, run after run, model after model run, and rain on similar days. so as we get into next week, hopefully there is rain to talk about, maybe even snow in the mountains. and we could get two or three inches of rain, way out. but definitely encouraging. and as we look at the forecast, overnight lows for tomorrow morning it is very cold in the north bay valley. but even in the inland bay valleys, around san jose, and redwood city, and mountain view temperatures in the 30s, it is very chilly. 38, cold for downtown san jose as you head off to work tomorrow. look at san francisco, chilly, 45 degrees in san francisco, you will notice it tomorrow when you get going. there is the high pressure, not going anywhere. everything is north in terms of rainfall. thursday through saturday, more
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of the same. let's enjoy it. get used to it, right? keep enjoying it. because as we go into the middle of next week, hopefully major changes, maybe a return to winner at least for a time. the computer model saying thursday at 1:00, no clouds, high pressure is there. even less cloud activity on friday, the high pressure is there, the air is sinking, going offshore. and saturday, kind of a wind shift, you see the clouds coming that way. possible indications of changes to come for next week. but until then, we have basically temperatures like these, 63 in fairfield, 63 in antioch, 67 in santa rosa, temperatures above the normal, and mid-60s again, spare the air night again tomorrow night, about woodburning more than anything, so night, the inversions get strong when the cold air settles. and the five-day forecast, many of you have monday off, i hope you do, the weather looks nice, clouds coming in, the wind
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shifts. that could be an indication that the changes happen as the models tell us. we'll update you as the changes occur. thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00. on tv 36, new arrests in the car crash a year ago that killed a girl. why one mother is facing serious legal trouble. and rising on the production, of the late san francisco mayor, we explained the unique tie the director has to the bay area icon. join us for this and more at 7:00. and it is a red carpet event, taking place on alcatraz island. ktvu's eric rasmussen is there, with the stars on the new show, hearding to the rock for the hollywood premier. eric? >> reporter: and we just got here to alcatraz the last 30 minutes or so where they will hold the red carpet for this event tonight. of course the show called
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alcatraz is holding a little premier party here tonight. they're talking about -- the show that is starting on monday, that is going to be based around alcatraz and the city of san francisco, the premise is that 302 prisoners disappeared in 1963, and then began to be seen on present day. but i can tell you on the boat ride over here for the party today we actually had an opportunity to talk to one former inmate and two former guards who were here at alcatraz when it operated. obviously very real history to be shared here tonight as they talk about the program airing on channel 2. we'll have more throughout the evening and more at 10:00. live here on alcatraz.
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. mark is here now with sports, three more days, and candlestick park will be rocking. >> yeah, not since 2002 have we had a playoff game out there. seems like forever since they played the last game. this season, they worked so hard for it. hopefully it will give the niners a chance to figure out at least a way to contain the
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saints' offense, which is just rolling people of late. including a 45-point outbreak against the lion in the opening break last weekend. niners had time to ready up and play. enough is enough. >> it feels like you almost have been off for a month, out of two weeks. so we're ready to go, and should be fresh, be a little russy -- you know, it is do or die time. i think that we feel pretty good. >> i think that some of the guys that didn't get a chance to go to the playoffs in the past, i think they're hungry. really hungry, especially myself. you know, i don't know what it is going to be like. i just know that i'm playing in the playoffs. >> we got you covered, saturday, brent jones, joe fonzi and i, starting the pre- game at 11:30 in the morning, later, the point after with all the interviews and highlights of course. meanwhile, you figure the raiders know who they will want
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to replace hugh jackson, common sense says you don't replace somebody without a replacement in mind. and winston moss, busy right now, but they spoke with the miami assistant, todd bolzier, who served as interim coach. of course with the giants it is all about pitching, another of their arms locked up for a couple of years. reclamation project, coming out you of nowhere to make the all- star team. a two year deal signed, in the neighborhood of 3.2 million, with an option for a third year. good for him. on a wednesday night. nine ares ers, right here on saturday. >> that is shaping up to be a great team, both teams peaking. >> contrast in styles, the
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niners hard core running, saints like to throw it 40 times. >> and there was one guy in the last -- >> brian jennings -- >> it has been a while. and the game before, a show before and after -- all right, thank you mark. and thank you for joining us on ktvu news. stay with us on for complete bay area coverage. >> right now click on remembering martin luther king, jr. on our home page, take a look back at his impact on the world [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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